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M. Douglas Walton Taos Experience / Dates to be Announced

M. Douglas Walton, a professional architect by training, began his teaching career in 1976 after taking a workshop from Edgar Whitney in Kennebunkport, Maine where Mr. Whitney handed over to Doug his TORCH, and Doug has been teaching worldwide ever since.

From his home base at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston to his “teaching circuit” in the States and in foreign countries, Doug has taught in such diverse situations as in the Court of  Saudi Arabia where he was not allowed to see his female students to over 20 sojourns to Bali where the locals return teaching tools dropped a year earlier. He also has taught in Canada, Italy, England, China, Morocco, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, India, Vietnam and Cambodia.

M. Douglas Walton has followers of over 30 years of teaching “Encounters” where each one is different from the last. His students are immersed in the culture of the country and each becomes a participant there rather than an observer.  Mr. Walton is revered by his students and loved by the locals in every country where he has trekked.

M. Douglas Walton is a phenomenal teacher ignoring the fact that he could not speak for the first 17 years of his life.  He is the most unassuming and unintimidating instructor you will ever encounter. Doug was honored in an  awards ceremony, 1997, Washington DC,  for having made a difference in the world as a handicapped person.

Mr. Walton has the ability in his teaching methods to bring out the best in students of all ages, helping each to discover what is unique within.  His philosophy in creativity is that “Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right” – that one must rid one’s Self-Critic in order to follow through the creative process to a wondrous world of “Endless Possibilities”.

Beware:  This will be an Experience that will change your life.  “The Answer is YES” and “Everyday is Tuesday.”

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14 Nights Lodging
6 Days of Drawing & 6 Days of Painting
Arrive  TBA, Depart TBA

– Room Share: $1,875
– Single Room: $1,980


7 Nights Lodging
6 Days of Drawing
Arrive  / Depart


7 Nights Lodging
6 Days of Painting
Arrive  / Depart

– Room Share: $  937.50
– Single Room: $1,085


M. Douglas Walton Instruction, Workshop Space
Lodging,  Breakfast
One Other Meal on Days at Touchstone
Includes Fees and Field Trips
Refrigerator and Microwave Oven Available
Inn Kitchen off Limits
Not Included: Maid Service, Model Fees, Restaurant Meals & Drinks
Materials Available, Charged Separately

Full Payment Due Upon Booking; Space is Limited.
Must Call or email to Reserve Space ASAP:
Must Call or email for Price Adjustment for Non-Participants
Full Payment Due 60 Days Prior to Arrival
Methods of Payment: M/C, VISA
Direct Deposit or Check made to simply:   TOUCHSTONE
Mail to: P O Box 1885, Taos, NM 87571
Deposit May be Transferred in case of Medical Emergency, But is Non-Refundable; Trip Insurance is Advised.