Taos in the Early Spring


Taos Springtime at Touchstone Inn

March is upon us here in Taos  and Touchstone Inn is getting ready to start greening up! The first flowers that arrive are our tulips, then our iris and day lilies. We need some help thinning out the iris in the labyrinth so let us know when you arrive if you would like to take a plant home with you. I planed them about 15 years ago and they are very healthy and very hearty.

Brad and the gang took out all of the juniper bushes on the backside of the house and will soon be working on seeding grass. It looks fabulous! The cedar tree that Tony Luhan planted when the house was built will no doubt feel the ease of being the only water drinker posted by the door now.

In our smallish town of Taos, the roads are a little dusty and we are all ready for the transition into full foliage. The winds can be brisk this time of year. So if you are traveling to Taos, or traveling in Taos, then bring a favorite jacket and a scarf.