Taos Spa Services

taos spaBooking for Taos Spa Services is separate from lodging because tax rate is different.

Book services online by leaving us detailed notes in the comment section when you book your room at Touchstone Inn.  Or  call 575-758-0192  between 10am and 5 pm Mountain Time.

The treatment fee is charged on your credit card,  plus tax and processing upon booking therapist for Touchstone Inn.

Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance for refund minus processing fees.  If treatments are canceled with less than 48 hours notice then there is no refund for any and all services booked.

Licensed Massage Therapists as Independent Contractors Serve Touchstone Guests


Full Body Massage is designed to gently soften muscles to allow for maximum tension release and deep relaxation.

  • One hour – $95                                                        taos spa
  • One hour and a half – $130
  • Heated stone Therapy Add – $20
  • Foot Care – $75
  • Facials – $90
  • Wraps – $150
  • Vision Quest Sculpture Mask – $100
  • Shamanistic Healing Services – $90


Relax and revitalize with a Wrap of your choice. A warm customized botanical mixture is painted on your body. The deep state of relaxation is enhanced with a scalp and face massage – followed by a refreshing shower and full body lotion application. $150

Foot Care

Pamper your feet and allow us to make you feel like you are walking on air!

  • Soaking / Reflexology Massage – $75

Body Polish & Moisturizing Massage

taos spaA sea salt and herbal rub is gently applied to refresh and unblock channels of energy throughout your entire body. The dry skin is brushed with this  fine granular mixture which is applied to remove the skin’s dull, dry outer layer. The body is then wrapped in a relaxing warm blanket for ten to fifteen minutes to let the pores detox.  After a refreshing shower, a soothing full body lotion application is applied for lasting smoothness! –  $150


taos spa

Completely nourishing therapies, each of these treatments will leave your skin beautiful and glowing! All will leave you feeling hydrated and smooth. $90




Earth Walk Medicine

Earth Walk Medicine—Shamanic Healing Ceremonies
Unlike energy work, shamanic healing mends the soul using indigenous and mystical ancient techniques.
Through a connection between the practitioner and the compassionate spirits, the spiritualremedies needed to alleviate suffering and heal the soul are gently passed along to the client. taos spa
Earth Walk Medicine is located in a contemporary Hogan on the beautiful Hondo Mesa twenty minutes north of Taos. With views of the Rio Grandé Gorge cliffs, the Sangré de Cristo mountain range, and infinite landscapes of sage and piñon in between, this is a place where sunrises and sunsets are savory to the eyes, and double rainbows envelope us with their grander.
Here, Horse People talk and play, Crow People sing and dance, and the Plant People find ease in the purity of existence. Cradled by Father Sky and Mother Earth, you can feel the spiritual connection welcoming you as the blessings of the compassionate spirits pour out upon you on arrival.
For detailed information visit: www.earthwalkmedicine.com
To schedule an appointment:
• Email: rev.shaman.sandra@earthwalkmedicine.com
• Call or text Sandra at 575-779- 4253

Book Spa Services in Advance to Assure Your Pleasure

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