Labyrinth of Lauren


Labyrinth of Lauren at Touchstone, was laid out by Bren Price in October of 1999 and was dedicated by Paaquene, Blue Spruce Standing Deer, the medicine man’s son, at the hour of turning to the new millennium in Australia on December 31st of 1999 – January 1st, 2000. The labyrinth was named in honor of Bren’s eldest niece, Lauren, who visited Taos at the same time the labyrinth was being created from 4 tons of river rock, and took 3 days to complete. The perfect lingum standing in the middle section was included by happenstance  in the parcel of rocks ordered from Medina’s Gravel Company here in Taos and every rock delivered was used in the labyrinth which is 64 feet across and a quarter of a mile in and out. Sadly, the labyrinth was removed to create a vegetable garden last summer, but plans are being made to reinstate the labyrinth this spring due to great demand by all who have experienced the labyrinth in the past. We will keep you posted on the progress and maybe even have a labyrinth workshop and re dedication!