ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness at Touchstone

ISEA2012  ISEA2012 – the International Society on Electronic Arts,  Touchstone Inn and Touchstone Foundaton, Inc.  present Brit Lowe in three consecutive one day lectures and workshops  on Construction and Decor of  a Colloidal Silver Generator  for Personal Use, September 27, 28,  and 29, 2012 from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Touchstone Abbe lecture room.  Space is Limited. Call 575-770-3246 for Reservations.

$175 cost of one-day ISEA2012 workshop includes materials; bring your lunch.  Brit’s book, The Truth about Collodial Silver is available for sale on line at $25.99.

Rooms at Touchstone Inn will be discounted 15% off regular rate for ISEA2012 workshop participants and ISEA2012 visitors  who want to stay through the weekend. Code:  SILVER

The Eighteenth symposium for the International Society for Electronic Arts, ISEA2012 Albuquerque:  Machine Wilderness,  is a symposium and series of events exploring the discourse of global proportions on the subject of art, technology and nature. The ISEA symposium is held every year in a different location around the world, and has a 30-year history of significant acclaim. Albuquerque is the first host city for ISEA in the U.S. in six years.

Last year, Singapore was the host city for ISEA and the year before, Istanbul hosted the ISEA symposium.   This project will bring together a wealth of leading creative minds from around the globe, and engage the local community through in-depth partnerships.

Brit Lowe has been helping people with her colloidal silver generator design for the last 15 years and is offering her services to the general public for this very special ISEA2012 symposium.

This project is part of ISEA 2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness

ISEA2012 is organized by 516 ARTS, and hosted with The University of New Mexico,
The Albuquerque Museum and partners.

The ISEA2012 symposium will consist of a conference September 19 – 24, 2012 based in Albuquerque with ISEA2012 outreach days along the state’s “Cultural Corridor” in Santa Fe and Taos, and an expansive, regional ISEA2012 collaboration throughout the fall of 2012, including ISEA2012 art exhibitions, public events, performances and educational activities. The ISEA2012 project will bring together a wealth of leading creative minds from around the globe, and engage the local community through in-depth partnerships with ISEA2012.

Through ISEA2012, Machine Wilderness references the New Mexico region as an area of rapid growth and technology alongside wide expanses of open land, and  aims to present artists’ and technologists’ ideas for a more humane interaction between technology and wilderness in which “machines” can take many forms to support life on Earth. ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness focuses on creative solutions for how technology and the natural world can sustainably co-exist.

The ISEA2012  program will include: a bilingual focus, an indigenous thread, and a focus on land and sky-scape. Because of our vast resource of land in New Mexico, proposals from artists are being sought that will take ISEA2012 participants out into the landscape. The Albuquerque Balloon Museum offers a unique opportunity for artworks to extend into the sky as well.