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About her work Taos artist, Bren Price reflects, “For me, the freedom of going into another realm where there are no rules, no boundaries, just that oneness of being in process with the creation is what being an artist is about. . . I want the viewer to become such a part of my work that he is filled with questions, not answers; that he must interpret what is there for himself, and will find something in my work that is his alone – a journey of discovery.”I have always been an artist – it is not a profession, it is who I am. I enjoy exploring exotic places for inspiration and expressing a subject in creative ways. My work is all about the process. Clearing the mind and painting without thinking is my mode of working.  Each work is a progression of living. Taos Artist Bren Price in the News.

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Taos Artist, Bren Price Artwork for Sale at Touchstone Inn, a Taos Gallery

All of the work by Bren Price

throughout Touchstone Inn, Taos art gallery is for sale. Bren has been painting all her life and continues to hone her craft. Bren Price, a Taos artist, paints in many styles and mediums but for the most part her work is done in watercolor and is expressionistic in nature. Sometimes her work is straightforward in its meaning and other times it is like a riddle unfolded for the viewer. Be entertained by the work of Bren Price, see


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